Yesterday I moved from my apartment to my sister's house. It is a 3-month pit stop before the big move to Chicago. I cried. I cried because of all the memories I made in that apartment. The moment I packed my engagement ring for shipment. The day I felt on bed in tears because it was finally over. The day Alexa moved in because she had no place to go. The nights my sister and I talked about her wedding plans. The days I made music with the bros. The quiet time with God. The long showers after long days. The short naps. The movie nights. The 5 hour therapeutic cooking sessions and so much more. That apartment had become my safe haven. God grew me so much there and now it was time to move forward onto new things with Him so I cried. I cried tears of utter gratefulness. My God was so faithful to me even when I wasn't. He held me in ways in that space that I have never felt in life. In that apartment, I learned that I was His beautiful beloved. That little apartment will always have a special place in my heart. Today, we are moving stop loving my sister and brother in law deeply, seeing Christ centered marriage and parenting up close, and binge watching the Game of Thrones!