I know it has been awhile since I wrote anything, but it is for good reason. I didn't know if I should blog. I didn't want to be another voice. We live in a time when everyone has a platform whether it be social media, blog, YouTube, etc. We all have something to say. I love it because it gives us a chance to really see how people think, what moves them, what upsets them, and even a sneak peek into their heart (including our own). Because of that, I sat on my voice. As you have probably read, I struggled with giving my art to God. This time around I gave Him my voice.

We have this tendency to pick things up, mold them into our own image, and bow before it. We believe if it just becomes this and does what it is supposed to do, I will be happy. Oddly as it sounds, I felt this way about my voice. I believe if I said the right things, wrote a certain way, had the dope poems, etc. it will get me here or make me this person. It is a lie that constantly tricks me into believing what I mold, fix, make, or create will be worthy of dedicating myself to it. Foolish I am. Foolish I fall, but I rise. Rise as servant. Giving God my voice to serve Him because He knows what to do with it more than me.

God take my heart along with my voice. Give me the courage when to speak and wisdom when to share silence. Purify me for Your glory.