No man, self-improvement plan, or aim for heroic virtue can change the heart...only God. 


TEaching women how to study God's word.

Extrovert with strong affections for introverts.


Chicago born. 

Devoted to encouraging women to place their restless hearts in Christ alone. 


Adore everything about food

Create thought provoking art to motivate the bride towards Christ. 


stimulated by DEEP intellectual conversations. 

Favorite color is yellow


enamored by God's incomprehensible nature.  

Lover of cinematic, ambient music and hip hop.

A good portion of Jharmaine's life, her heart was restless. She was seeking for freedom, comfort, security, and joy in all those places we tend to look for it: relationships, ambitions, beauty, money, knowledge, sex, power, tangible things, and intangible things. She believed if she just found the dream job, had the perfect body, the right wardrobe, lived in the right city, or loved herself more she would finally be happy. If her boyfriend would just be who she wanted  him to be, she would finally be free. This desperate search would lead to feelings of insecurity, yet she would repeat the vicious cycle. 


In 2012, the Lord separated her from people, places, and pleasures. In His love and great pleasure, God revealed His unconditional love to her. God paid the price for her heart by sending Himself to die on the cross as atonement for her sins. 


By God's grace, Jharmaine uses her talents to encourage His bride towards this very truth - no man, self improvement plan, or aim for heroic virtue can change the heart...only God.